Car Capsule Non-Electric Humidifier in Red
• Non-electric naturally evaporating Automotive humidifier • Eco-friendly: No electricity. Uses only water and the nature of evaporation • Clip it to the bar of car vent so that it can face the wind of air conditioner/heater • Antibacterial coating...
Nano Air Purifier
Compact Powerfull Innovative technology Durable and cost Effective 4 level filtering systems ensures elimination of over 99% of super fine dust, and guarantees Deodorization and Sterilization. Auto Performance Check : Air pollution level indicator & Automatic operation, Time set operation,...
Nano Air Purifier
• 4-in-1 Function Air Purifier PurificationSterilizationDeodorization Aromatherapy •Captures 99.7% of 0.3㎛∼1.0㎛ Super fine dust. Superior performance in capturing fine dust below PM2.5•Eliminate various of viruses and putrefactive bacteria: remove odor and deliver outstanding purification results •The combination of unique non-woven...
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