VIEW OK Anti-Fog Cloth for Eyeglasses, Sports Goggles, Motorcycle helmets, and Camera Lens; 500 times Reusable, Long-lasting, working on all kinds of plastic surfaces, even with hydrophobicity
• ALL LENSES CLEANER:If anti-fog cloths with liked reviews don't work on your lens, it’s because of the hydrophobic coating repelling anti-fog materials. Our product works for any lens(99.999%).• PRECISION MEETS CLARITY: Our Premium high-quality anti-fog microfiber cloth is made using...
from $9.99
12 PCS No More Shoelace Silicone Anchors - Lace Lock Clip, Fit All Shoelace (3 sets)
• A great way to keep your shoelaces organized and tidy. • Pull your shoelace through the hole and you'll have an instant shoelace fix. • Even if you cut the remaining shoelace, the silicone will hold it tight and...
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