Damduone Vegan Original Vegetable Dumplings 14.8 oz (4 type)
Cholesterol 0mg, Trans Fat 0g, 100% Vegan Vegetable Dumplings with No Artificial Preservatives Made with wheat protein for a clean, light aftertaste • ADD MORE FLAVOR TO YOUR DISH Add it to your soup and stew or as a topping for...
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• A refreshing caffine-free wellness strips with a great flavor, easy for people on-the-go• An immunity shield to help you stay energized and focused while boosting your immune system, energy, and stamina. Red Ginseng also fights fatigue, promotes blood circulation,...
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• Contains over 300 types of rich nutrients: flavonoid, minerals, vitamins• Double activation of of Propolis and zinc• Antibacterial, antioxidant material made from natural sources by honey bees necessary for their survival and reproduction
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