InBirdie Tempo Putting mat with a Digital Feedback on Putting Swing Tempo and Distance and Direction, Free Fun Game app, Putting Green Training aid

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 * 3 Data that InBirdie TEMPO promises

1. Exact Putting Distance
InBirdie does not just read the head speed of the putter to measure the distance. It measures the stroke of the ball and displays it. That's why it can provide super accurate data.
2. Fine Putting Angle
InBirdie provides an accurate and fine measures of the ball's vertical launch angle. Straight trajectory is displayed as 0 degree, closed or open stroke is displayed as -18~+18 degrees in minute detail.
3. User's own Putting Tempo
Many players say that the key factor in putting is the tempo. 3ft putting and and 30ft putting should be the same in tempo. If you can achieve your own consistent tempo, you can make significant distance only with your swings.

Why putting tempo is important?
Dave pelz,

He emphasizes the importance of putting in his legendary bestseller "Putting Bible"

In sum, putting tempo is consistent regardless of the distance!

Smooth and rhythmic swings, just like pendulum, make the best putting stroke.
A key to make a perfect stroke is 'rhythm(tempo)'.
If the time (tempo) spent for a stroke is consistent, moving the putter faster is the only
way to treat a long stroke. The faster the club head is moving through impact, the farther the ball will travel.

As you see, top class golf players show a consistent putting tempo.
On days when Tiger Woods excelled at a PGA game, his tempo was almost steady, but on days when he had a poor game, his tempo fluctuated a lot.

You should understand that your own consistent putting tempo is the key to make a successful game.

*From the research of J.Novosel, a Golf Tempo Expert

That's why We emphasize practice to achieve steady tempo in putting.

"You can find you perfect putting tempo with InBirdie TEMPO!"
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InBirdie Tempo Putting mat with a Digital Feedback on Putting Swing Tempo and Distance and Direction, Free Fun Game app, Putting Green Training aid
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